Summer Fun Day 2011

Summer Fun Day 2011

It’s that time of year again for the Summer Fun Day an event not to be missed! The Summer Fun Day will be held in the grounds of Christ Church Felling on Saturday 23rd July 2011 from 12 till 4pm. Activities include…The Felling Band, Free BBQ, Craft activities for the Kids, Toddler ride on area, Outdoor games, 1812 Felling Pit Disaster – Miner’s Memorabilia, Traditional tea tent and much more…

There will also be a table top sale so if you fancy making yourself a bit of extra wonga for the summer you can have your own pitch for only £5 and then the profits are all yours or for your favourite charity! If you want to reserve a pitch please confirm it with Leanne on 0191 438 0761 or 07805 282039. Just a text or a quick call will do.

So come on get yourself along for a cheeky little family day out ;)

Download high resolution poster to advertise this event in your church or community centre here.

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House of Prayer

“Do not be discouraged
Do not be dismayed
What a taste of glory
When we see God’s power displayed
Please step each day with purpose
And step each day with praise
What a taste of glory
When we see God’s power displayed
Please don’t forget who’s in power
Above ALL earthly beings
ALL will be to God’s glory
When God holds the reigns

Bill Reid © Copyright 2011

Blessings Prayer

The following prayer and list of words were compiled by members of Christ Church Felling for the Church and The Felling Community during a time of prayer. These are the specific areas that have concerned people most and what they would like to see change through God’s abundant blessings.

Dear Lord, We pray blessings for Christ Church and The Felling Community in…

Parenting, Protection, Cultivation of the Land and People, Unity of Churches, Peace, Love, Overcoming Evil, Fellowship, Godly Friendships, Laughter, Joy, Dancing, Safety, Security, Comfort, Freedom from Fear, Self Worth, Belief in God, Trust, Forgiveness, Acceptance, All Things Are Possible…

In Jesus Name, Amen

The Felling Parish

Felling Parish

To find out more information about the crime statistics for this area please click here. You can also buy the book entitled “The Grace Outpouring” by Roy Godwin & Dave Roberts that was mentioned in the talk here.

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Creative Praise Service

God’s Word Digest

As we sit down and share our meal
Your presence Lord let us feel
As Trevor prays and says the grace
Let us feel you in this place
With every mouthful that we chew
Let us Lord be filled with you
And after we’ve eaten
Let us sit and rest
Your loving words let us digest
Filled with your loving words let us speak
to the unsaved throughout the week

Creative Poem by Terry McKenzie © Copyright 2011




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Forgiveness Healed My Pain

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Good Friday Service

Good Friday Service

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