Christian Vision For Men

Gateshead welcomes the ministry of CVM !!!

Thursday 4th December 2014
14 of us met in a Wetherspoons pub in Gateshead for the launch of the first men’s outreach meeting linked to CVM and we attracted lots of attention from other customers. One young girl came over to our table and asked what all the fuss was about ? ” I tell you what the fuss is about, you have a group of guys here who are crazy for JESUS ! ”  ”Thank you” came the reply from the young girl, then off she walked with a crazy way book which she said she would be passing on to her boyfriend.

Diary Dates For 2016
For further details or information
contact Michael or William

Saturday 26th March
Day away to Durham
(meet at Gateshead Interchange 10am)

Thursday 31st March 2016
We have two speakers at our CVM curry night .

Nathan Blackaby

Paul Gask (North of England director of CVM)
and also Richard Trotter who will be celebrating his 70th birthday with us !

Sunday 24th April
Christ Church Felling
150th Anniversary
Service lead by the Bishop of Durham


Sunday 22nd May 2016
Paul Gask from CVM will be speaking at Christ Church Felling at the 10:30am service,
and Vision Christian Fellowship, Mulberry House, Gateshead at the evening service which starts at 6pm.
Please support Paul as he comes to share something special with us in Gateshead ?

Saturday 11th June
Day trip to Lake District.
(£10 non refundable deposit required)

Thursday 18th August

CVM clay pigeon shoot or archery day.
A fantastic day away at the South Causey Inn at Durham.
(£10 non returnable deposit required).

Saturday 3rd September
Day away to Edinburgh
(£10 non returnable deposit required)

For information of plans and activities
for CVM in Gateshead contact [email protected]


From Carl Beech, General Director CVM

Why a ministry for men and men alone?  And why do we encourage men to do stuff on their own as groups of guys?  Are we sexist?  Are we encouraging gender division?

First let’s think statistics; Over the last 20 years 38% of believing men left the church.  In fact for men aged under 30, nearly 50% left in the same period of time.  Now that’s believing men deciding they don’t want to go to church anymore!  So we are facing a crisis before we even think about reaching men who aren’t yet believers. The decline is pretty terminal.  In 30 years time there could be zero men left in church communities in the UK.

Of course, women are leaving church too.  But no-where near as fast as men.
We are working hard to equip the church with tools and resources that will make church a great place for your husbands, future husbands, sons and friends.  Simple as that.  We don’t want a church dominated by men or male characteristics nor do we want to make church a “men’s club”.  Just a place where men can be gripped and excited by Jesus.

This is an extract from Carl Beech writing on CVM web page – Why Men’s Ministry?
To read more , please click here…