“Life before Jesus was unbearable. I never realised how lost I was until I slowly began to accept God’s truth, and He gently led me out of a life marked by neglect and abuses of all kinds. I had lived life by lurching from one crisis to another, one relationship to another, none of them bringing any kind of peace. I was unable to commit to any goal or be stable or grow as a person. Out of this pain and confusion, I became an injecting drug addict, and my life was lived in darkness and depravity. If the drugs hadn’t took my life by overdose (accidental or on purpose) then disease was certain to, when I contracted hepatitis c as a result of using needles. My body was ravaged and I was desperately ill in every sense of the word. But after I started attending Christ Church with a friend, Jesus began to heal me of herion addiction, and brought me out from under it without my even having asked Him. I now realise this was simply because He loves me and knew what I needed and what was best for me.

Since then it has been a journey, sometimes difficult, to seek God’s will for my life. Whatever I have had to face, and what ever the future holds, I know he is with me. I am still learning to know and trust Jesus, to let Him into my areas of true brokeness. But this I know, without Him I would have lived and died without hope. On the hardest days, when depression tries to close in again, I know I do not have to lie down and submit to hopelessness because He is with me. I know in my spirit that He is real, and that He died on the cross that we may all know forgiveness and eternity in heaven with Him. Now I am a mother and waiting to go to university. None of this would have been possible without Jesus, and now my body is healed of hepatitis c. Working through the doctors, whom God created and gave the skill and knowledge to treat illness, I am now hepatitis c negative and serious back problems have been healed by the hand of God Himself without medical intervention. It’s nearly seven years since I last used a street drug, and I attribute this miracle to God and God alone and will tell of His wonder all my days that others may know also the hope we have in Him. There is nothing He can’t sort out…nothing.”


“Dear friend, I didn’t have a very nice childhood. I was raped at twelve and went on to use drugs. By the age of fourteen I was injecting heroin. By the time I was twenty nine I had contracted Hepatitis C. I cried out to the Lord Jesus ‘Help Me!’ and He did. He came into my life in power. I have now been set free from addiction and healed from Hepatitis C. I have a hope and a future in Jesus.”