Claire Outreach Co-Ordinator

“Christ Church Felling Outreach is the heart of God to outreach to the lost and lonely. To interact with people one on one and to be concerned about a persons life. To care about there needs to enter in to that persons life for just a moment. It’s my desire to impact the community of Felling with kindness and understanding. To show the love of Jesus in a practical way with a cup of tea, a hot dog, a kind word, a chat and a offer of prayer. Most of all to preach the Gospel and lead people to salvation so that they might come into a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Offering people a hot dog or a drink is a bridge to get to know a person. To ask them how they are doing and to show you care. To build up relationships and trust in the community. As the church we are not meant to stay behind the walls of the church, we are called to outreach. You don’t have to be some famous evangelist to show the love of Christ. Anyone can offer a cup of tea and a listening ear. All you need is compassion for the lost and to want to touch the hearts of people for Jesus Christ. Remember God is with you, you are not doing this alone, you have a team around you. We are doing this together as the church of Jesus Christ.

Outreach People

Many people in the community have low self esteem and a broken spirit. They are down trodden and don’t know how precious and valuable they are to God. One night I was giving out roses to the Ladies in Felling. Their response was amazing. One lady threw her arms around me and kissed me. They were so blessed by that small gift. It was like God touching there hearts.

Outreach People

One gentleman was intoxicated with alchol and was very down hearted and weeping. I gave him a rose and asked him if he would like to sit down and have a chat and he responded and opened his heart to me. I was able to comfort him and tell him about Jesus and he received a booklet about Jesus and the way to receive salvation it was very special and a privilege.”

Claire Percy (Outreach Co-Ordinator) © Copyright 2011


Christmas Outreach

“As part of the team that meets at Felling Square on the last Saturday in the month we serve free hot dogs, water, tea, coffee, sometimes chocolates and even gloves on really cold winter nights. We have stood in freezing temperatures on snow-laden ground, basked in the heat of sultry summer evenings and got soaked in the pouring rain ready to serve food, chat, answer questions as to why we’re doing this and even pray if anyone asks. We are there to bring God’s blessing to the people of the Felling and to let them know that Father God loves them and that we are there from the local church to help if we can.

There have been busy nights of questions, answers and discussions about God as with a group of youngsters of 10 to 12 years of age who were hungry not just for free hot dogs but to know all about God and what He’s about, to quiet nights where we’ve just spoken and prayed with one or two very distressed persons about a difficult situation in their lives. People are amazed that we are there and that we charge nothing for the food but I think look forward to our return the following month.

As Christians we are called to share the love of Jesus with those around us and not just to stay in our cosy church set-up. We can do this with love in action which then might earn us the right to share the Good News of hope, new life and freedom which we’ve experienced through Him to those that God loves so unconditionally too.”

Wendy Davidson © Copyright 2011

Wilfred & Grace

“We met an elderly gentleman as we were doing outreach in Felling Square. He lives on his own and his wife has died. He told me that he had always loved Jesus from as far back as in his early school days. He used to go to church when he was a young boy. He then went on to explain how he feels so lonely and that there was a big gap in his life, and he just goes out to pubs to fill in some time.

the harvest

I asked him if he would like me to pray for him because I knew someone who could fill in that empty gap in his life. His name is Jesus Christ who loved him so much and that he wanted so many better things for him. I went on to tell him how important that it was for all of us to make the commitment personally and that it was better to do it sooner than later. As time is running out and we never know when we will be taken, he said to me ‘I know that Pet’ and took hold of my hand. I knelt down on my knees, I placed my hand gently on his shoulder and I knew the presence of the Holy Spirit was leading me into a prayer. Giving us the right words at the right time for this person.

I truly believe that the Lord Jesus touched this man where he most needed it. Thank you Jesus! Afterwards this sweet old man said to me, ‘Well my intentions were to go back over into the pub again, but I’m going straight home instead, and I’m going to read those two leaflets that you have handed me. Also I may even come down to the church to see you all.’ Then he complimented us all and said that we are doing a good work and of how much that this had meant to him.”

“Romans 12:1-11. In a real sense the entire letter has been directed towards the goal of showing that God demands our action, as well as our believing and thinking. Faith expresses itself in obedience.” – A bible commentary footnote

Grace McKenzie © Copyright 2011


Saturday 24th March 2012 marked the end of an era as this was the last time the Outreach Team would serve hot dogs in Felling Square. It was always the vision to continue to develop this project further. On Monday 16th April 2012 the Sanctuary project began. Working in partnership with Aquila Way and other churches, the objective was to offer a safe & friendly environment for our guests. Providing food, social activities and the love of God every Monday night (excluding Bank Holidays) to those most in need.

If you are interested in volunteering, financially supporting or would simply like to know more then please contact Claire Percy (Outreach Co-Ordinator) for more details.