A collection of poems by Terry McKenzie, a member of Christ Church.
Thank you Lord for these words…

A Healing Prayer

I felt my eyes slowly close
As a beautiful fragrance invaded my nose
I felt a smile spread across my face
As I was taken to a beautiful place
I felt a lovely warm gentle breeze
I felt so calm it put me at my ease
I felt so relaxed without a care
I felt as if I was floating on air
I felt all my earthly problems drift away
I felt real peace, I began to sway
I felt all my hurt disappear
As down my cheek rolled a single tear
In all my life I’ve never felt so good
Because I knew that tear was Christ’s cleansing blood
When that tear dropped off my chin
It washed away with it decades of sin
I then felt a powerful surge of love
As above my head hovered the heavenly dove
I felt so helpless by this behaviour
I then felt the awesome presence of my Saviour
This peaceful beautiful place was where?
It was with the Lord Jesus in a heavenly prayer

Terry McKenzie © Copyright 2011

Cleansed for Communion

Break me Lord as the bread is broken
Forgive my sinful acts, and ungodly words I have spoken
Pour Your spirit into me, when poured is the wine
Then cast any demons into the swine
Cleanse me Lord from deep within
Wash me clean of all my sin
Prepare me Lord so I’m worthy and able
To eat and drink at Your holy table
In remembrance of You take your body and blood
Then go and carry out Your deeds of good
Which are to preach Your words to every nation
To tell the lost of Your salvation
To tell them all about the power of prayer
To let them know for them You care
That You’ll forgive them for their past
That they will be first, they won’t be last
And if they accept You into their heart
That from their life You’ll never part
Then they can share the bread and wine
And become a part of the Love Divine

Terry McKenzie © Copyright 2011


I’ve listened to people who don’t believe the Lord’s Word
And I’ve never heard anything so absurd
They say there’s no God nor Jesus too
That through evolution came me and you
They say that it was a big bang in outer space
That formed the earth and the human race
These people are dreamer’s, they tried convincing me
That out of this bang, came man, earth, sky and sea
They believe that an ape changed into a man
It must of been a peculiar bang
Why don’t these people take a good look around
Up in the sky and down on the ground
They’ll see the true beauty of their Creator’s hand
All across His green pleasant land
They’ll see the stars and moon at night
Then in the morning the sun that gives us light
The rolling clouds that bring us rain
To quench our thirst and grow our grain
The aromatic flowers that sway in the breeze
They’ll hear birds singing in the trees
The beautiful rainbow that arc’s the sky
The bleating lambs as they skip by
The countryside the mountain streams
Are all God’s creation they are not dreams
The deep blue sea as it rolls up the sand
Are all created by God’s almighty hand
So I pray these people will one day admit
It wasn’t a bang that formed all of this
It was our Heavenly Father who is sitting on high
Who created the earth, man, sea and sky

Terry McKenzie © Copyright 2011

God’s Wonderful Nature

As I sat in the garden I watched an ant
Run across a stone then up a plant
It’s little legs were going fifty to the dozen
Above on a flower was a bee gently buzzing
It’s legs with pollen were slowly swelling
Under a leaf was a caterpillar dwelling.
Then the wings of the bee started rapidly beating
Then took off from the plant the caterpillar was eating
Then down swooped a bird and quicker than a thief
It plucked the caterpillar off the half eaten leaf.
Between two flowers away a fly’s life slowly ebbed
Trapped in the silk of a spider’s web.
Wriggling to free itself in it’s desperation to fly once more
It only alerted it’s eight legged captor.
The violent vibrations the spider could feel
So it ran down the web and wrapped up it’s meal.
On one side of the garden next to a hut
On a fence sat a squirrel chewing a nut.
Then out of the lovely blue sunny sky
Onto the fence landed a black and white magpie.
The little grey squirrel got such a fright
So over the roof of the hut it quickly took flight.
The squirrel for dust you could not see
As it leapt off the roof into a tree.
At the bottom of the garden the rabbits all bunched
Looking nervously around as on the grass they munched.
Meandering across the lawn and around a log
Slowly wandered a spikey hedgehog.
From a tree in the garden an apple did fall
Just missing the hedgehog which curled up in a ball.
It waited awhile for any more danger to pass
Then quickly uncurled and cleared off the grass.
From the border flowers which were in full bloom
The fragrance invaded the air.
Apart from the wind blowing through the leaves
Not a sound could be heard anywhere.
Then the silence was broken when out from a bush
Came a lovely tune from a song thrush.
As the song of the thrush broke into sound
From flower to flower butterflies danced around.
I had sat transfixed a couple of hours
But the wind brought the clouds, with the clouds came the showers.
As the rain started falling I got to my feet
Went into the kitchen and made something to eat.
As I ate the toast and honey, I watched the rain
Bouncing off the window pane.
Above the sound of the rain heavily falling
From its nest in a tree I could hear a crow cawing.

I’m sure about the weather it was complaining
Because I never heard it until it started raining.
I then looked at the trees, grass, bushes and flowers
I thought it’s only they who welcome the showers.
As I patiently waited for the clouds to pass
A blackbird hopped across the grass.
Down a sodden hole a worm tried to retreat
But was pulled out by the yellow beak.
When the clouds drifted off and blue replaced grey
At the bottom of the garden the rabbits darted away.
All but the one with the slowest paws
Escaped the snap of the fox’s jaws.
As the fox trotted off pleased with it’s kill
Between buttercups and daisies up popped a mole hill.
I saw the mole’s nose appear from the mound
But as quick as a flash it went back underground.
I then sat back in the garden and poured out some wine
I felt a million miles from my home by the Tyne.
I sipped at the wine because my throat was parched
Then looked at a rainbow as the sky it arched.
Then after my wine in the garden I started to walk
But stopped in my tracks as I spotted a hawk.
It flew over a field then above a greenhouse
Started to hover then dived and picked up a field mouse.
With the mouse in it’s talons it flew very high
Within seconds it was only a dot in the sky.
The end if the day was drawing near
As I watched the hawk disappear.
I thought of everything I had seen within a few hours;
How the rain feeds the trees, grass, bushes and flowers.
How the rabbits eat the grass so they can survive
How the fox eats the rabbits to stay alive.
How the birds need the bushes and trees to nest
How the flowers need the birds to save their leaves from pests.
How the pollen from flower to flower is spread by the bee
How that little insect for my toast made the honey.
The beautiful rainbow that arched the sky
The architecture of the web that trapped the fly.
How the hawk hung in the air without it’s wings flapping
How great it was to see this and more happen.
So with the sun slowly sinking as it headed west
I gave thanks to the Lord for I had been blessed.
Because in all the world, there can be nothing greater
Than to sit and watch at work God’s wonderful nature.
What I saw in a few hours for years I will talk
About God’s nature in a garden in Poppleton near York

Terry McKenzie © Copyright 2011

Have No Idols

There’s only one king and rock (and it isn’t Elvis Presley)

Jesus is the king of us all, Jesus is our rock when we call
So if you are a devil in disguise, you can’t hide from your saviour’s eyes
So go to the chapel and break down and cry
Then repent to the King of us all and He will be your rock when you call

So call on the Lord and in you He will dwell
And you won’t be lonesome tonight in a heartbreak hotel
He’ll comfort you and He’ll save you from hell
Because Jesus is the king of us all, Jesus is our rock when we call

When you invite the Lord in and make a brand new start
He’ll enter in and soften your wooden heart
And once He’s in He will never depart
Because Jesus is the king of us all, Jesus is our rock when we call

So listen everybody when Jesus you choose
You’ll be singing and you’ll dancing in your blue suede shoes
Because with Jesus in your life you can’t loose
Because Jesus is the king of us all, Jesus is our rock when we call

When you surrender all to Jesus you’ll come to no harm
And you won’t need a good luck charm
Any storm in your life he will calm
Because Jesus is the king of us all, Jesus is our rock when we call

You must never have a suspicious mind
Don’t be cruel to anybody, be gentle and kind
Then the burning love of Jesus you will find
Because Jesus is the king of us all, Jesus is our rock when we call

Don’t ever put anyone before the Lord
Or you’ll be all shook up and put to the sword
Remember it’s Jesus not your idols who has the final word
Because Jesus is the king of us all, Jesus is our rock when we call

Your idols were God’s creation, but they weren’t born to save
When Jesus died He conquered sin and the grave
He saved us all when His life for us He gave
That’s why Jesus is the king of us all, Jesus is our rock when we call

So everybody please remember
Accept Jesus as your saviour
And he will love you tender
Then you won’t go way down
He’ll return you to sender
Because Jesus is the true king of us all, Jesus is our rock when we call

Terry McKenzie © Copyright 2011

Lord Jesus I Love You

You picked me up when into sin I fell
When out to You in fear I did yell
You saved my lost soul from the fires of hell
Lord Jesus I love You

When You picked me up from my fall
You forgave my sins one and all
Not one of them do You recall
Lord Jesus I love You

When all I showed You was wickedness
You showed me your faithfulness
By holding onto me with tenderness
Lord Jesus I love You

You encouraged me to follow You
And throughout the times I struggled too
You picked me up and carried me through
Lord Jesus I love You

You gave me the confidence to walk upright
You removed the scales from my eyes and gave me sight
Now I see, and walk in Your eternal light
Lord Jesus I love You

I know if back into sin I foolishly stray
I know You’re only a repentant prayer away
And I know “no” You will never say
Lord Jesus I love You

Terry McKenzie © Copyright 2011

Man’s Best Friend

They say a dog is man’s best friend, this is true
Reliable, honest, faithful, and loyal and always there for you
He’ll protect you from danger, keep you safe from harm
If you’re alone and feeling cold, he’ll cuddle in and keep you warm
He’ll sit with you, he’ll listen to you, by your side he’ll always stay
If you love him, he’ll love you more than words can ever say
A greater friend in all the world you never will find
He has compassion for everyone, he even leads the blind
There’s times you may get angry with him but he understands, he doesn’t mind
He knows you’re only human, a part of his mankind
He loves you more than any family could – mother, father, husband or wife
For over two thousand years ago for you his son gave up his life
He’s the greatest friend you’ll ever have in the whole of the universe
It’s true a dog is man’s best friend, when you spell dog in reverse

Terry McKenzie © Copyright 2011

The Lamb

We are the sheep of the Shepherd, I am
Sheep that are lead by his precious Lamb
We are the sheep of the greatest flock
Lead by the Lamb from the greatest stock
The Lamb that has the whitest fleece
The Lamb of love, the Lamb of peace
The Lamb of power, the Lamb of might
The Lamb who leads his sheep through the spiritual fight
The Lamb who for his sheep will never tire of waiting
The Lamb who protects his sheep from Satan
The Lamb who’s blood for his sheep did flow
The Lamb who will never let his sheep go
The Lamb who won the battle for us
When the Lamb was nailed to Calvary’s cross
The Lamb on the third day was given new breath
The risen Lamb who saved his sheep from death
The Lamb who’s lifeblood was freely given
The Lamb who gave his sheep eternal living
So we thank you heavenly Father for the Lamb who’s your Son
And for everything the Lamb has done

Terry McKenzie © Copyright 2011

The Mandate (Were These The Same Streets)

When Tom asked me if I wanted to go to the Mandate
I said yes, straight away, I just couldn’t wait.
But when he said it would be held in Belfast,
A dark shadow over me was cast.
But I smiled and said okay, but what Tom didn’t know
Was when he mentioned Belfast, I didn’t want to go
Because I’d walked the Belfast streets many times before
As a British soldier, caught up in the middle of a civil war.

The memories of Belfast I had buried in my mind
Were of death, tears, and war, the blind killing the blind.
I personally witnessed their killing and hate
In February 1973, when they murdered my mate.
I vowed on that day, that as long as I live
The IRA I would never forgive.
After my last tour of duty in August 1974
I again vowed never to go back there any more.
Because Northern Ireland was a terrible place to be
Especially, as a soldier of Her Majesty.

I thought, did I want to go back to a country that I despised?
And back among people who I viewed with hate filled eyes?
Would it be right to go as a Christian to the Mandate
With an unforgiving heart which was so full of hate
So I fought with my conscience, again and again
Until a gentle voice whispered, book your flight on the plane.

As we flew from Newcastle to the Emerald Isle
There was laughter from my friends, but I couldn’t smile.
As we approached the airport in Belfast
The memories I’d buried for decades, flooded back from the past.
I recalled the Shankhill, the Crumlin and Falls Road
Where bullets flew round, and bombs did explode.
Loyalists and Republicans
Singing rebel songs full of hate,
Their gunmen and snipers
With armed weapons lying in wait.

As I recalled the ambushes and riots, my blood flow chilled
And I remembered that terrible day when Alan was killed.
When the plane touched down my stomach started to churn
Because I was back on the island, where I had sworn never to return.
As our taxi drove us to our city centre hotel
It was like being driven back to an earthly hell
When I saw the sign for the Falls Road
I knew I was back
On those satanic filled streets, in the city of black.

After we booked into the hotel and dropped off our gear
We made our way to the Crown pub for a meal and a beer.
As we walked down the street, every few paces
I recognised some of the old places.

As I looked across the road
All I could do was smile and stare
At the Europa Hotel
Still standing there.
Because throughout the Seventies at the height of the trouble
The beautiful building was so often reduced to rubble.

And there it stood, so tall and proud
With music, and laughter, not explosions ringing out loud.
After our meal in the Crown, into the Europa we went
And in there a couple of hours we spent.
As we got our drinks and sat in the chairs
I noticed a lovely atmosphere filled the air.

As I looked around, it felt really strange
I honestly couldn’t believe the change.
Happy smiling faces were all around
Was I really back on Belfast ground?
My head was spinning like a wheel
It really was so surreal.
I thought, am I really sitting here
In the Europa hotel in Belfast having a beer?

My mind just drained like a plugless sink
I couldn’t take it all in, the only things I could think were
Were those happy people those who were so full of hatred,
Whose souls like their city were dilapidated?
Were these the same streets, where buses and houses burnt
And where hatred, division and killing were learnt?
Were these the same streets, where in your face women spat,
Screamed at you, cursed you, kicked you and slapped?

Were these the same streets, where at you young children would be swearing,
Then fired at you, from catapults, steel ball bearings?
Were these the same streets, where petrol, nail bombs and stones
Burnt and pierced the skin and broke the bones?
Were these the same streets, from which bomb shrapnel flew?
Bringing down buildings and cutting people in two.
Were these the same streets, where lead bullets were flying?
Leaving people wounded and people dying.

Were these the same streets, if caught talking to soldiers
Young girls would be tethered,
Beaten up, hair shaved then tarred and feathered?
Were these the same streets, where young men were knee capped
And when a British soldier was killed, people cheered and clapped?
Where these the same streets, where all those lives were taken
Leaving widows, and orphans and thousands of hearts breaking?
Were these the same streets, on which all that blood was shed
Enough to turn the River Lagan red?

Yes! These were those streets.
These were the streets on which people, pitched battles fought
After leaving schools, and churches, where the love of Christ was taught.
These were those streets, where God’s light had stopped glowing
So the cemeteries were the only things growing.
These were those streets where satan, and death were king
And the dirge was the song you would hear people sing.
These were those streets, which, upon God they heaped shame
By proclaiming their hatred and killing was done in His name.
Yes! These were those streets.

But what has happened to these streets that I despised?
And to these people I viewed through hate filled eyes?
What has happened to these streets that echoed to explosions, riots and gun?
They now echo to laughter, and people having fun.
What has happened to these streets which ended so many lives premature?
How were they healed? Who was the cure?

Well what happened to these streets, was they got sick of the crying,
Got sick of the violence, and sick of the dying.
When those responsible showed they were willing
To sit down and talk, and bring an end to the killing.
When they showed that they wanted to heal their land split asunder
What happened was God moved and showed His awesome wonder.
When they ceased the violence and killing, they stopped the work of satan.
And God, who loved them dearly, was patiently waiting.

When they put the violence and killing aside
God was waiting for them with His arms open wide.
When they said ‘let us talk, not kill’ they received back God’s grace
And on a Good Friday, a miracle took place.
When they said ‘all the violence and killing will cease’
God, through the politicians, brought Northern Ireland peace.
So now on those streets where satan and death were once king
Thousands of soldiers of His true Majesty sing.
Giving praise to the only One who can bring peace from hate
Isn’t the God that we serve really great.

I know that is true, so for the rest of my days
My heavenly Father, I will always praise
Because it was God’s voice which whispered
‘Book your flight on the plane’
It was to give me the chance
To start over again.
God led me back to Belfast, not just for the Mandate
It was also to give me the chance to bury my unforgiveness and hate.
I knew if I didn’t take this opportunity
The fires of hell were waiting for me.

Because I now read God’s word and it tells me straight
He would not forgive me if I carried unforgiveness and hate.
God’s unforgiveness was a price I wasn’t willing to pay
So after 34 years I forgave the IRA.
When I did, I felt satan’s arms from around me uncoil
When I buried my unforgiveness and hate back on Belfast soil.
From the enemies grip, I felt instant release
And now, like that beautiful country, I can feel real peace.
I also now know with God in your life, the King of all Kings
You can forgive anyone, anything.

So as we flew back to Newcastle from the Emerald Isle
There was laughter on the plane and now I could smile.
God taught me a lot on that weekend in Belfast
How to forgive, love my enemies, and let go of the past
So now the memories I have of Belfast shores
Are of life, laughter, and peace, not death, tears, and war.

Northern Ireland now is a beautiful place to be
Especially as a soldier of His true Majesty
Will I be going back to Belfast?
Yes! And I cannot wait
Isn’t the God that we serve really great.

Terry McKenzie © Copyright 2011